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TomTom Troubleshooting

The aim of this page is to identify common faults in TomTom devices that we can repair.

We try to offer useful information concerning the causes and symptoms of a faulty TomTom in order to help you identify your sat nav problem so that we can repair your unit as quickly as possible.

We offer professional, cost effective TomTom repairs by qualified engineers to any UK postcode address.

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TomTom Support

TomTom Troubleshooting

Whatever is causing your TomTom not to work, we understand the hassle it can cause to your important car journeys and thus we always aim to identify and resolve the problem in your device.

These are some of the common problems which can indicate that your TomTom device needs a repair by our reliable and fast engineers:

• Damaged Or Broken TomTom Screen
• Red Cross On Display
• TomTom Not Switching On (but the green light is on when connected to the external power supply)
• Non Responsive Touch
• Corrupt Firmware
• Damaged SD Card
• Replacement Battery
• Replacement Speaker
• Charge/Sync Port Problem
• Damaged Casing

Here are some common questions bought up during TomTom repairs.

What is the Green Light of Death?

Your TomTom battery is fully charged and you turn it on. Nothing happens, the screen is blank and there is no sound, but the little green light is lit up. This is usually caused by a power overload to your system.

The most likely cause is the car charger having developed a fault and pushing 12 volts through your TomTom instead of the permitted 5 volts. Numerous chips on the motherboard will have been blown/fried. This can be replaced.

What is the DCP - Damaged Charger Port?

Your TomTom battery is fully charged and you turn it on. The little green light is lit up. Then a couple of minutes later it shuts down. The green light `flickers` or just does not light up at all. These cause of this problem is due to a faulty charger socket and the battery is not charging properly.

When we receive a unit and SD card, we will always examine and carry out the repair. If the repair is different from your fault description when filling in the form, we will let you know what needs to be done.

Please do not try to repair the TomTom unit yourself. In most cases it will simply make the repair a lot more difficult. Don`t let your expert friend update the software unless you are 100% certain you know what he or she is doing.

For further information on our repair service or to enquire about any other fault, simply fill in the enquiry form and our team of friendly staff will contact you back soon.

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